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Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Ones' Cattle Call

Just reminiscing looking at my library, and L Neil Smith's "Forge of the Elders" caught my eye - a fun book, about aliens spying on Earth...aliens that actually came from Earth!

Well, as part of the fun, the action leaves off with the American Apparatchiki (the US has, in another irresistable imitation of European impulses, decades too late, become a Socialist republic) politically and economically compromised, and possibly preparing to start yet another revolution in "the land of the free". It reminded me of a bunch of dumb, silly word plays on the idea of a cabal of behind-the-scenes cultists led by an effective Eldritch Abomination. Then I realized how silly it was of me to think of all this, and not put it on my blog, which after all, exists more to hold things like this, than for you to read and enjoy it....

So, here is my list of punny story titles involving mind-crushing Ancient Horrors.

First off, the idea I got for a sequel to "Forge of the Elders", where the Americans subvert the stock market so that "Mister Thoggosh" can control the World Economy -- "Margin Call of Cthulhu"
Or if Mister Thoggosh just gives his opinion of the Socialist State to the people: "Cat Call of Cthulhu".
Maybe he'll take over the telecom system, then it'd be "Phone Call of Cthulhu!"
If he doesn't take it over, but just disrupts its effectiveness, it'd be "Crank Call of Cthulhu"
What if Mister Thoggosh ran a bar? Then we'd certainly have the "Last Call of Cthulhu"
He could restore the planet's avian population using a "Bird Call of Cthulhu".

Oh, and we can't forget that suggestive blog title, now can we?
If Mister Thoggosh takes over Hollywood (or Bollywood, if the former isn't devoted enough to propaganda to have survived), he can open auditions in a "Cattle Call of Cthulhu"!

Yeah, it's corny...I'm glad you read this far, though, thanks! ;)

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