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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Opened Eyes

One of the most interesting discussions in morality,
 revolves around the Garden of Eden, and the Fall of Man.
 I have written before, and will write again, about
 how some people try to shunt blame for the Fall completely
 on women, and off of men, by adding the idea that Adam
 was not present when Eve accepted the false words of the
 serpent. Frankly, if I have the perfect woman made for me,
 and we're both naked, I can't imagine anything that would
 convince me to leave her presense outside of severe blunt
 force trauma.

Anyway, another sub-topic I like to examine concerns the
 point where, after accepting and consuming the fruit, their
 "eyes were opened, and they realized that they were naked."
 I like to work on this passage becasue it seems as if the
 issue is that they notice their nudity, but on closer
 examination, it is evident that any notice of nudity, and
 a need to cover it, is done with the idea of nakedness in
 mind. They do not go and make coverings for each other; they
 go and make coverings for themselves. It makes me wonder if
 part of the curse of "knowing good (and evil)" involved not
 so much a revelation of status ("nakedness"), as an emphasis
 on short-term goals versus the long-term.

After all, as I like to point out, they walked and talked with
 God - they were as intimate with good (Good!) as is humanly
 possible. Maybe what their eyes were "opened" to, was becoming
 as intimate with evil as they had been with good. Because for
 that to happen, you really need your eyes closed; you have to
 believe that something evil, something bad for you, or for
 others whom you care for, is actually good for you. If that
 takes open eyes, then I'd rather "walk...not by sight."

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